Washington's State Art Collection includes over 1,200 artists and grows every year. Almost half the artists are female-identifying (in contrast to many other art collections). And almost two-thirds of the artists are from Washington State and the broader Pacific Northwest. The Collection is one of the oldest and largest statewide public art collections in the U.S. with nearly 5,000 artworks.

Displaying artists with last names starting with M.

LisaNa Macias-Red Bear

Carolyn MacKay

Susan MacLeod

James Madison

Melissa Madsen

Spike Mafford

Susan Magnus

Rae Mahaffey

David Mahler

Joyce Majiski

Robert Maki

Jean Mandeberg

Mike Mandel

Jeremy Mangan

Joseph Mannino

Scott Mansfield

Liz Mapelli

Janice Maple

Janet Marcavage

Shani Marchant

Cork Marcheschi

Sharon Marcus

Beth Anna Margolis

Anita Margrill

Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner

Paul Marioni

Sherry Markovitz

Ben Marra

Maxine Martell

Megan Martens-Haworth

Joules Martin

Narsiso Martinez

Patricia Glander Martinez

Marjorie Masel

Alden Mason

Cameron Anne Mason

Karen Mason

Robert Massa

Ross Matteson

James Mattingly

Jerry Mayer

Michele Maynard

Gale McCall

Ken McCall

Robert McCauley

Tom McClelland

Philip McCracken

Mel McCuddin

Ron McGaughey

Patricia McGuire

Mary McIntyre

Adam McIsaac

Kelly McLain

Jack McLarty

Gene Gentry McMahon

Judy McMillan

Alan McNiel

Neil McWee

John Medwedeff

Nancy Mee

Howard Meehan and Kathleen Meehan

Howard Meehan

Deborah Mersky

Laurie Messchaert

Jeannette Meyer

Mark Meyer

Yegizaw Michael

Christian Michel

Gerald Bruce Miller (subiyay)

Charles Miller

Constance Parker Miller

Earl Miller

Katie Miller

Stan Miller

Peter Millett

Yong Soon Min

Barbara Minas

Mary Miss

Jeffry Mitchell

George Miyasaki

Karen Mobley

Allen Moe

Alan Moen

Sultan Mohamed

John Moilanen

Ryan Molenkamp

Mary Molyneaux

Beatrice Moore

Shelley Moore

Victor Moore

William Moore

Tom Morandi

Jacqueline Moreau

Harlow Morgan

Roin Morigeau

Naoko Morisawa

Saya Moriyasu

Ivan Morrison

Bruce Morser

Kenna Moser

Donna Mossholder

Joyce Moty

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe

Michael Muller

Anna Valentina Murch

Donal Murphy

Ed Musante

Lee Musgrave