Washington's State Art Collection includes over 1,200 artists and grows every year. Almost half the artists are female-identifying (in contrast to many other art collections). And almost two-thirds of the artists are from Washington State and the broader Pacific Northwest. The Collection is one of the oldest and largest statewide public art collections in the U.S. with nearly 5,000 artworks.

Displaying artists with last names starting with D.

Fernanda D'Agostino

Michael Dailey

Michael Dal Cerro

David Dapogny

George C. David

Gwen Davidson

Linda Davidson

Margaret Davidson

Hanlyn Davies

Debra Davis

Earl Davis

James Davis

John Davis

Lynn Paul Davis

Michael Davis

Christine Dawson

Pat De Caro

Roy De Forest

Veronica De Jesus

Jovencio de la Paz

María de la Rosa

Peter de Lory

Jane Degenhardt

James Deitz


Ben Della

Robert Demar

Erin Dengerink

Lockwood Dennis

Michael Dennis

Daniel DeSiga

Jeanne Detlor and Sheila Klein

Patty Detzer

Richard Deutsch

Mike DeVoe

Lanny DeVuono

Robert DiFranco

Kyle Dillehay

Jim Dine

Marita Dingus

Nathan DiPietro

Angie Dixon

Cynthia Dobie

Jack Dollhausen

Mary Donovan

Rachel Dorn

Clarice Dreyer

Lawrence Thomas Duchscher

Marge Dunlap

Ed Dunning

Michael Dupille