Washington’s Creative Economy

washington's creative economy in a graphic
How do we track our Creative Economy?

ArtsWA tracks our creative economy using a data tool called the Creative Vitality Suite (CVSuite). This tool lets us measure the annual health of the state’s creative economy by zip code and county. The CVSuite tracks the following information:

  • Creative sectors and industries
  • Jobs that make up the creative sector
  • Wages and revenues
  • Non-profit arts organization revenue

The CVSuite gathers all of this information into an overall score. This score, called the Creative Vitality Index (CVI), lets us compare the health of our creative economy to other regions. A score of 1.0 is the U.S. average.

How can your community use this data?

Use this data to learn what types of jobs and creative businesses exist in your local economy. It can inform public policies to support and grow the creative sector. It can also inform economic development strategies to attract new businesses to your region.


For questions about the Creative Vitality of your region (Washington residents only), contact Annette Roth, Creative Districts Program Manager: annette.roth@arts.wa.gov.