An artist weaving demonstration at Skagit County Historical Museum, LaConner, WA
Photo courtesy of Skagit County Historical Society.

Manage Your Grant

Woohoo! Congratulations on receiving an ArtsWA grant! The following is some information to help you manage your grant. Take note of the section titles. They indicate if the information is for Arts in Education (AIE) or Grants to Organizations (GTO) or both.

I received notification, what are my next steps? (GTO)

I received notification, what are my next steps? (GTO)

You received an email letting you know that your project will get ArtsWA funding. Attached to that email are four important documents. Click on the links below to learn about these documents.

I received notification, what are my next steps? (AIE)

I received notification, what are my next steps? (AIE)
  • For ArtsWA Arts in Education grants, after you are notified of the funding amount, we ask you to complete a revised budget. This revised budget is the document that we’ll use to check against the invoices for reimbursement that you will submit. After the revised budget is completed and approved, we send you a contract by email.Along with your contract, you will receive several other documents that help you manage your grant. Here are additional copies of those documents:

    If you have any questions about managing your contract or need support with any of the related forms, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I give ArtsWA credit for my grant? (GTO & AIE)

How do I give ArtsWA credit for my grant? (GTO & AIE)

You are required to credit ArtsWA for your grant. This means you will include our logo on any materials you produce and publish that promote the project we are supporting. If your contract includes federal funds (many do!), you will also include the logo for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Check page 1 of your contract (Item C) to confirm whether your grant includes federal funds.

How do I access my grant money? (GTO & AIE)

How do I access my grant money? (AIE)

You can request reimbursement for the expenses approved in your revised budget after those expenses have occurred. You may request reimbursement at multiple times during the course of the grant period. Each time, you will submit a copy of the Invoice Voucher that is part of your contract, along with documentation of the completed expenses or services. If you cannot locate your Invoice Voucher, you will find a copy of it in the Administrative Documents section of your application in ZoomGrants. For more details about how AIE grant payments work, please refer to the AIE_FY20_Grantee_Responsibilities document.

How do I access my grant money? (GTO)

The Grantee Responsibilites and Grant Payments_FY20 document offers information on good grant management along with necessary steps to making sure you receive your payment.

Final Reporting

Current project support grantees final report deadline | July 31, 2020

If you received a project support grant, you must submit a final report. Final Report forms are added to your ZoomGrants account a few months before they are due We encourage you to submit your final report as soon as your project is complete and the forms are available.  Read detailed instructions on how to submit your final report.

What does the final report include?

What does the final report include?
  • Narrative Report
  • Project Budget
  • Demographic Data for Federal Reporting
  • Project Documentation
  • Project Locations
  • Copy of your Letter to a Legislator
  • Optional additional materials or links that document your work. Provide captions and credits for photos. Provide production credits for audio or video.

Why is my final report important?

Why is my final report important?

Final Reports are a key part of our grants process. They are important because:

  • They document how you used grant funds
  • They give you the opportunity to demonstrate the impact of your work
  • They meet the state requirements for audit compliance
  • They meet the federal requirements from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
  • They provide the statistics we use in our reports to the state budget office, state legislature, NEA, and Congress

How does ArtsWA use final Report materials?

How does ArtsWA use final Report materials?

ArtsWA retains the right to use all or a portion of your final report materials. These include your text, photographic images, audio, and videos. Your materials help illustrate the use of state funds for the public good. We may use these materials in:

  • Press releases
  • Internal documents
  • Email announcements and newsletters
  • Content on our website
  • Any other printed or electronic media, including social media
Usage Clause

“By submitting photo images, audio, video, and other program documentation, the grantee gives permission for use. The grantee affirms their right to authorize the use of such materials by ArtsWA. This includes confirming parental permission for photos and videos of children under the age of 18. It is the sole responsibility of the grantee to obtain these permissions from relevant artists, creators, and subjects in material provided to ArtsWA.”

Contact Us

For any questions about the grant payment process or final report, please contact Hannah Dahlke, Program Assistant, at