Washington's State Art Collection includes over 1,200 artists and grows every year. Almost half the artists are female-identifying (in contrast to many other art collections). And almost two-thirds of the artists are from Washington State and the broader Pacific Northwest. The Collection is one of the oldest and largest statewide public art collections in the U.S. with nearly 5,000 artworks.

Displaying artists with last names starting with T.

Judy Talley

Maki Tamura

Kana Tanaka

Lani Tanaka

Carol Tate

Larry Tate

David Taylor

Mike Taylor

Robert Teeple

Whiting Tennis

Ronnie Tessler

Barbara Earl Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas

Art Thompson

Cappy Thompson

Helen Mary Thompson

Sarah Thompson

William Thompson

Melinda Thorsnes

Timea Tihanyi

Christie Tirado

Linnea Tobias

Terry Toedtemeier

Brian Tolle

Pat Tolle

Kristin Tollefson

Mojuana Tolon

Merrily Tompkins

Vivian Torrence

Gail Tremblay

Brian Tripp

Ray Troll

Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie

George Tsutakawa

Gerard Tsutakawa

Carlyn Ann Tucker

Robert Tully

Ken Turner

Richard Turner

William Turner

Terry Turrell

Lea Tuttle

V.F. Tuttle

Scott Tyler