Washington's State Art Collection includes over 1,200 artists and grows every year. Almost half the artists are female-identifying (in contrast to many other art collections). And almost two-thirds of the artists are from Washington State and the broader Pacific Northwest. The Collection is one of the oldest and largest statewide public art collections in the U.S. with nearly 5,000 artworks.

Displaying artists with last names starting with J.

Alfredo Jaar

Edna Jackson

David Jacobson

Amanda Jaffe

Bill Tsi’li’xw James and Fran James

Philip Jameson

Louis Janson

Tom Jay

Keith Jellum

G. Peter Jemison

Ron Jenkins

R. Allen Jensen

Ray Jensen

Steve Jensen

Camilla Jerome

Kate Jessup

Jimmy Jet

John Patrick Jewell

Eileen Jimenez

George Johanson

d'Elaine Johnson

Dean Johnson

Lena Johnson

Nan Johnson

Terry Lee Johnson

Tony A. (naschio) Johnson and Adam McIsaac

Alison Johnston

Thomas Johnston

Elwood Jones

Fay Jones

Hillin Dale Jones

Roger Jones

Ted Jonsson

James Jordan

Lorna Jordan

Shelley Jordon

Kenneth Josephson

Mary Josephson

David Joyce

Jung Thomas Justad

Peter Juvonen