About My Public Art Portal

Washington’s State Art Collection is online at My Public Art Portal. It enhances our engagement with public art and presents our geographically widespread collection as a whole, in one place.

Nearly 5,000 artworks comprise Washington’s State Art Collection. We place artworks in K-12 public schools, community colleges, universities, and state buildings. These artworks are located in over 1,200 sites all across Washington. And now you can view them all in one place and at one time: online.

In addition to images and information about the artworks, My Public Art Portal provides:

  • Biographical information about artists
  • Stories about each artwork’s creation, meaning, and other interesting facts
  • Exact location details, including geo-coordinates and mappings
  • Web exhibitions that highlight different segments and perspectives of the Collection

Contact Us

Please contact us at collections@arts.wa.gov for the following:

  • Curate a Web Exhibition — Our Web Exhibitions offer different perspectives of the State Art Collection. Educators can also use web exhibitions to support their curriculum. Contact us to get started creating your own thematic web exhibition.
  • Teaching Tools — Check out our Lesson Plans and Web Exhibitions. Educators can use these teaching tools to support their classroom lessons or any topic. Contact us for more info or to create a custom group of artworks on My Public Art Portal as a teaching tool.
    Are you already using an artwork in your teaching? Tell us more!
  • Give us feedback — Tell us about your experience using My Public Art Portal. What information did you find useful? What more would you like to see?
    Do you have a great photo of an artwork? We would love to share it!
  • Reproduction Requests — Permission is required to use State Art Collection images in publications, broadcast videos, presentations, or online. Contact us for permissions and access to higher resolution images.