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Artwork copyright . Photo courtesy of Robert Wilson.

Father and Son: Selections by Robert Wilson and Rainn Wilson

"When my son Rainn Wilson (who played Dwight Shrute on NBC’s The Office) and I get together, or travel together, at the top of our list is to visit museums and art galleries.

Rainn grew up in Seattle, Washington and our house was filled with art. We attended art exhibitions as a family at local galleries and events at the Seattle Art Museum. I’m certain this exposure provided Rainn with a desire to enjoy viewing art of all kinds and this led to his acquiring an impressive personal art collection of his own consisting of contemporary art and sculpture, folk art and antiquities.

As our enjoyment of art increased, our tastes somewhat diverged. I enjoy the more exploratory, contemporary edge in art. Rainn prefers more structured, imagistic styles. But what we both agree upon is art: art for enjoyment, inspiration, contemplation and discussion.

What we have selected here, are works we are both enthusiastic about, works that reflect an aesthetic sense of deep shadows, opalescent light, organic growth, and strong elements of design, commonly reflected in the natural beauty of Washington State."

–Curated by Robert Wilson and his son Rainn Wilson in June 2018. Robert Wilson was an artist residing in East Wenatchee, Washington. He lived and exhibited in Seattle for many years, as well as in Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. He passed away in August, 2020.