LisaNa Macias-Red Bear

(Mexican | Spanish (Andalusian-Gitano) | Apache, born 1965)

Artist LisaNA Macias-Red Bear is of Mestiza, Xicana-Mexic, Andalusian-Gitano, and Apache heritage. She receved a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She received a Master of Arts degree in Indigenous Healing Art Methodology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She states, "l am a Mother, Artist, Vocalist, Amerindian Activist, and Registered Counselor. I create in the genres of glass, mixed-media, and interdisciplinary arts. I was raised in the homelands of Aztlan, my work honors ancestors and celebrates the precious gifts of life. I am a first generation college graduate actively in pursuit of social justice for LaRaza (the people). I ground my work and life in the long tradition of indigenous resistance and cultural pride."