Three girls play a game. Two of the girls are holding hands up high like a bridge and the third girl is about to pass under them.
Using public art in K-12 education
Sunnycrest Elementary students participate in an arts learning activity led by teaching artist Rachel Atkins as part of Stuart Nakamura’s 2013 public art project at their school. Rachel’s lessons connected visual arts, theatre, and literacy. They are an example of the collaboration between our Arts in Education and Public Art programs. Photo by Jesse Gardner.

Arts Learning & Public Art in the Classroom

Public art enhances and enlivens public spaces. It serves as a great jumping-off point for active arts learning for K-12 students. The staff of our Public Art and Arts in Education programs collaborate on curriculum to make these connections in the classroom.

Learning plans

We based these four high quality, participatory arts lessons around artworks in the State Art Collection. The artworks are physically located around the state, but also available online through My Public Art Portal. Download a presentation of images for each lesson plan.

Arts Learning Toolkit

Are you looking for ideas to deepen engagement with the artwork in your school? Use our Arts Learning Toolkit. The toolkit provides ideas and activities to use public art as a catalyst for learning across multiple arts disciplines as well as other core content areas. Adapt these ideas to fit your students, curriculum, and school community.

Let us know how it goes. We’d love to see your photos, lesson modifications, and hear your stories. Have you developed your own lessons? Tell us about it!

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