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Artwork copyright John Wehrle. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Artwork Lesson Plan 2 | Real or Imagined (Grades 3-5)

"Real or Imagined...Creating the Unexpected" is a three-part lesson plan suggested for grades 3 to 5. To access the complete lesson plan, as well as a presentation document containing images that you can project in your classroom, click on any of the images below and go to "Lesson Plans and Documents".

In this art lesson, students first describe, analyze, and find meaning in art through a comparison of a series of paintings, "As Time Floats By" by John Wehrle (whirlee), and a sculpture installation, "Dewey Decimal’s Delegation" by Otto Youngers. Students then make a drawing combining real places, objects, and/or living beings in unexpected ways. These elements are arranged in compositions that create the illusion of depth in space through overlapping. Drawings are finalized by enhancing shapes and details and developing color. Last, students write a captivating title to add meaning to their art.

This lesson plan demonstrates how arranging and combining familiar things in surprising ways can invite us to enter imaginary worlds.

The complete lesson plan was developed and written by Meredith Essex, with thanks to Ann Warren and Shelley Geisreiter (South Colby Elementary, South Kitsap School District) for development support.