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Artwork copyright Do Ho Suh. Photo courtesy of Western Washington University, by Matthew Anderson.

The i in team, curated by artist Chris Spadafore

"This exhibition is an exploration of art that provides insight to the importance and power of community. These works are comprised of individual pieces that are brought together to make a statement. Individually, the pieces can stand on their own and hold their own importance. When the pieces come together, the dynamic changes, and their collective presence creates something new. The new form could not be possible without the individual. How does this relate to communities and the people in them?

'Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.' –Ryunosuke Satoro, (1892-1927), Japanese writer."

–Curated by Chris Spadafore, Tacoma-based artist/architect and artist on the ArtsWA Public Artist Roster. (May 2020)