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Artwork copyright . Gwen Knight. Photo courtesy of the artist (detail).

Art is Our Classroom, curated by artist Elisheba Johnson

"While many students this year will be learning virtually, I hope this exhibition can be an addendum to their education. Artists across the state thought of how their work would enrich the lives and experience of those on their knowledge journey. Art has always been my best teacher. Showing me the complexities of the world and revealing the possibilities. I hope we all commit to learning through art this year, because we are in space that requires that we all dream big and be fearless."
–Curated by Elisheba Johnson in June 2020. She is an artist, curator and organizer based in Seattle. Johnson is also one of the co-founders of Wa Na Wari (, a Black Arts Center in Seattle’s Central District that uses art to fight displacement.

All of the artworks in this web exhibition are located at K-12 public schools in Washington State. You can visit the artworks during the schools' open hours but you will usually need to check in at their front office. You may also want to contact the school before visiting to ensure access.