Community Readiness Toolkit

The Toolkit has a number of resources for your community to use to when planning your creative district. It includes a workbook, handouts and presentations, economic development reference articles, and more.

These tools are simple to use. If used as intended, they can guide and strengthen your community’s bid for Creative District Designation.



Creative District Community Readiness Workbook
Creative District Pre-Application Checklist
Governing Statute SHB 1183 (website)
List of Approved Creative Industry Job Categories (NAICS codes) (PDF document)
List of Occupations by Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code (PDF document)
Creative Vitality Suite (website)
Labor Market Information - Washington State (website)
Promotional and Presentation Materials
Creative Districts Program Handout  (PDF document)
Creative Districts Overview Presentation (PDF document) 
Sample Declaration For A City Council or Municipal Government (PDF document)
Sample Press Release for Creative Districts Community Meeting (PDF document)
Economic & Community Development Reports and White Papers
Strengthening Rural Economies Through the Arts: NGA Best Practices August 31, 2005 (online article)
Arts and the Economy: Using Arts and Culture to Stimulate Economic Development (online article)
New Engines of Growth: Five Roles for Arts, Culture and Design (online article)
Creative Placemaking: Putting the Arts to Work for Economic Development, IEDC Journal, Fall 2015, Volume 14, Number 4 (online article)
Promoting Film and Media to Enhance State Economic Development (online article)
Community as Canvas: The Power of Culture in the Emergence of Intelligent Communities (PDF document)
Hot to Do Creative Placemaking, National Endowment of the Arts (article)

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