Artist Lisa Little during the installation of "Entangled Agency" (2020), at the UW Evans School of Public Policy.
The sculpture is inspired by public policy, depicting complex networks and the people affected by them. Located at the Evans School of Public Policy, University of Washington, Seattle. Click to learn more about this artwork on My Public Art Portal. Photo by ArtsWA. Part of Washington's State Art Collection.

How to Get on the Public Artist Roster

Applications to the 2021-2025 Public Artist Roster are now closed. We will be offering a “mid-term” call for applications in the spring of 2023.

The Art in Public Places program (AIPP) is working to make the 2021-2025 Public Artist Roster our most inclusive and equitable ever. We seek a diverse range of artists to create artworks for state agencies, colleges, universities, and public schools throughout Washington state.

The Roster is our main tool for choosing artists. It is a list of artists who pre-qualify to create artworks through our program. It allows for a simplified selection process.

Prepare for your application

  • Read through all sections of the guidelines on this page thoroughly. You can also print a PDF version for easy reference while you apply.
  • We ask for exactly eight images of your artwork. Read through our portfolio tips and print for easy reference. Start thinking through and selecting which images to include. Put them together in a central folder or album for easy access.
  • Use a document or our word worksheet to draft the following application materials. Having everything prepared as a word document means you can easily check your word count, save your work, and cut and paste into the application when you are ready. We ask for:
    • A statement about your work (250-word limit)
    • A brief biography (250-word limit)
    • Image descriptions for each of your eight images (100-word limit, or about 1-3 sentences)

Webinar: How to Apply for the Public Artist Roster

ArtsWA recorded this webinar on May 11, 2021 for artists who want to apply for the Public Artist Roster (PAR). Public Art program staff describe the Public Art program, and the process for applying for PAR. They also provide tips for filling out the application, writing a strong artist’s statement, and more. This webinar is approximately one hour in length.

Artist-to-Artist Advice Compilation

We asked artists that have been selected for an ArtsWA project what advice they would give to artists applying for the first time. Check out this compilation video with all of the insightful responses we received from the following artists: Juan Alonso-Rodríguez, Kalina Chung, Jennifer Corio, RYAN! Feddersen, Diane Hansen, and Benson Shaw.

Thank you to the artists for contributing videos, and to Sea is for Carlo for composing the background music.

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