Rosemary Pittman

(American, born 1916, died 2005)

Late artist Rosemary Pittman pursued a second career in art after retiring from a career in nursing in 1984.

Pittman attended Cornish College of the Arts and painted in a naive, folk-art style. Her artworks have strong narratives that reflect her memories and experiences, including her early life on a farm and scenes from her service during World War II.

Pittman grew up in a Midwestern farm community and graduated from the University of Iowa School of Nursing with a bachelor's degree. During the 1940s, she served in the Army Nurse Corps in Australia, New Guinea, and Leyte in the Philippines. She later earned her master's degrees in public health and nursing education. She was a Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington School of Nursing in Seattle after teaching from 1964 to 1984, and a founder of their Nurse Practitioner program.