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Artwork copyright . Photo courtesy of Jane Orleman.

Dick and Jane's Spot

Artists Dick Elliott and Jane Orleman began decorating their Ellensburg home with folk art sculptures, painted cutouts, bottle trees, and patterns of reflectors in 1978, and it's still going! In addition to paintings and sculptures created by Jane and colorful geometric abstractions created by Dick, the small yard soon became a psychedelic explosion of outsider art. Tourists would ask “Is the inside like the outside?” Pretty much!

Dick died in 2008 leaving Jane to curate the fantastical yard. Dick and Jane’s Spot continues to evolve and act as a playful ray of sunshine for all who pass by.

Explore more art by Dick Elliott and Jane Orleman, and their friends—many of who contributed to Dick and Jane’s Spot. These artists inspired them with their incredible work ethic.

–Curated by Jane Orleman, artist living in Ellensburg, Central Washington.