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Art at K-12 Schools

Approximately 70% of Washington's State Art Collection (of nearly 5,000 artworks) is located in K-12 public schools across the state.

Public art enhances and enlivens the built environment and atmosphere of these spaces. This is particularly important in learning environments, where arts experiences have been shown to increase the potential for children to learn.

Public art can also serve as a great jumping-off point for active arts learning for K-12 students. Explore our art education resources in "Browse by Web Exhibitions" under: Arts Education, Artwork Lesson Plans, and Visual Arts Learning.

A Moment in Time , 2017

Mauricio Robalino

Location: Garfield Elementary School, Olympia

Crystal Water , 1996

Shelley Jordon

Location: Edison Elementary School, Tacoma

Plumeria , 1998

Elwood Jones

Location: Blix Elementary School, Tacoma

Tree Museum No. 1 , 1993

Neil McWee

Location: Sheridan Elementary, Tacoma

Kufic Kazak , 1980

Sidonie Caron

Location: Enumclaw High School, Enumclaw

River Habitat Series #5 , 2000

Gina Freuen

Location: Napavine Elementary School, Napavine

Tools for School , 1984

Joyce Moty

Location: Discovery Elementary School, Gig Harbor

Going to the Water , 1988

Stuart Nakamura

Location: Voyager Elementary, Gig Harbor

Sister and Brother , 1998

Louise Williams

Location: Endeavour Elementary, Issaquah

Forces of Nature Chairs , 1996

Ries Niemi

Location: Kamiak High School, Mukilteo

Logos , 1989

Maya Radoczy

Location: Fort Colville Elementary, Colville

“Tribute” (Foster High School, Tukwila WA) , 1991

William Cumming

Location: Foster High School, Tukwila

Shadow of a Doubt , 1985

Robert Haft

Location: Foothills Elementary, Buckley

Ravens Tree , 1994

Ruth Brockmann

Location: Amistad Elementary, Kennewick

Self Portrait #6 , 1984

Joe Feddersen

Location: Downing Elementary School, Tacoma

Northwest Jeans , 1977

Margaret Sahlstrand

Location: Bowdish Middle School, Spokane Valley

Untitled , 1979

Robert Hill and Jill Hill

Location: West Valley Junior High, Yakima

Hip Basket , 1984

Elaine Timentwa Emerson

Location: Downing Elementary School, Tacoma

Flying , 2017

Catherine Woods

Location: Crestline Elementary School, Vancouver

Sprouts , 2017

John Davis

Location: Warden Elementary/Middle/High School, Warden

The Viking Journey , 2012

Steve Jensen

Location: Meadowdale Middle School, Lynnwood