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Site-Specific Artworks

Each one of these site-specific artworks in Washington's State Art Collection enhances its location, reflects the values of the community, or provokes you to see your environment in a new way.

When Washington constructs a new building, we reserve one-half of one percent of the state’s cost for art. We work with local committees to acquire artworks created especially for their buildings or campuses. They first select an artist from the Public Artist Roster. They then review the artist’s design, and approve the final proposal. All of this ensures that the artworks are embedded within our public spaces and relevant to the local community.

Concrete Bench with Three Fish , 1992

Christy Rupp

Location: University of Washington, Seattle

Untitled (Medicinal Herb Garden Bus Stop) , 1992

Suzanne Hellmuth and Jock Reynolds

Location: University of Washington, Seattle

Plateau Fish Trap , 2015

Joe Feddersen

Location: Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane

Rochester High , 1992

Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner

Location: Rochester High School, Rochester

The Wailing Bell , 1997

Wayne Chabre

Location: Washington State University - Vancouver, Vancouver

Pyramid of Knowledge , 1996

Brian Swanson

Location: Bay View Elementary School, Burlington

The Subject (Body of Knowledge) - Prototype , 1997

Claudia Fitch

Location: Madison Elementary, Olympia

Lightbox , 1995

Jeffry Mitchell

Location: University of Washington, Seattle

Persona , 1999

Douglas Hollis

Location: Washington State University, Pullman

From One to Z , 1998

Gloria Bornstein

Location: Eastern Washington University, Cheney

Four Corners , 1999

Susan Point

Location: North Seattle College, Seattle

High School , 1999

Mike Mandel

Location: Skyview High School, Vancouver

A Five Part Artwork: Tech Totem Garden , 1998

Karen Guzak

Location: South Seattle College, Seattle

Morpheus , 1998

Gerard Tsutakawa

Location: Skyline High School, Sammamish

Circle of Friends , 1999

Harold Balazs

Location: Mt. Spokane High School, Mead

Vertical Penduling with Patty Quake , 1999

Dan Senn

Location: University of Washington - Tacoma, Tacoma

A Beginning , 1999

Dick Weiss

Location: Edmonds Woodway High School, Edmonds

The Discoverer , 2000

Brad Rude

Location: Central Washington University, Ellensburg

Compound Sight , 2015

Dan Corson

Location: University of Washington - Bothell, Bothell

Circle of Light , 1992

Richard C. Elliott

Location: Yakima Valley Sundome, Yakima

Blue Benn , 1999

Lee Kelly

Location: Evergreen High School, Vancouver