Ancestors, 2000

Michael Dennis
(American | Canadian, born 1941)

Location: University of Washington - Bothell and Cascadia College, Bothell


Sculptor Michael Dennis shapes cedar to the point that it evokes human form and gesture, while at the same time allowing it to retain its essence as a tree. The viewer can see the human and the tree at the same time.

This artwork was acquired for the State Art Collection in partnership with University of Washington - Bothell and Cascadia Community College.


Michael Dennis creates figurative sculptures in cedar and bronze. His studio is located on Denman Island, part of the gulf islands of British Columbia, Canada. He states, "I try to capture the essence of human gesture from a tree using only the minimum definition required."
Born in Los Angeles, He received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1963. He received a PhD in neurophysiology from Stanford University in California in 1967. He served as a professor of neurophysiology at University College London, England, and at the University of California Medical Center. In 1980, Dennis moved to Denman Island, British Columbia, Canada, and dedicated himself to art.

Material CategorySculpture - wood
MediumCedar wood
Dimensions10 ft 1 in x 30 ft x 20 ft
ID NumberWSAC1999.085.00A-P
Acquisition MethodSite responsive commission
Artist LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Location Information
AgencyUniversity of Washington
Artwork LocationUniversity of Washington - Bothell and Cascadia College
Temporarily not on display.
WA CountyKing
Site TypeUniversity
Address18345 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011
Geo. Coordinates47.760199 | -122.192380
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