Monad Elohim

(American, born 1949)

Monad Elohim is an artist and teacher. He creates whimsical, highly detailed sculptures of animals and "spirit figures" in bronze, ceramic, wood, and soft sculpture, as well as public art installations. Elohim describes his art as a reflection of his philosophy of life: "I see everyone and everything as being connected. I believe that we are one, and everything has an effect on everything else; like a domino effect. We are responsible for each other, because we are all a part of each other."

Elohim taught art in Seattle schools for decades, most recently as part of the Arts Corps program. He is the designer-artist of Homer Harris Park in Seattle's Central District, which was once the center of Seattle's black community and African-American businesses. Originally from Chicago, Elohim lived in Seattle for over forty years and recently moved to Arizona.