Norman Lundin

(American, born 1938)

Seattle-artist Norman Lundin creates still life paintings and drawings that observe light, shadow, and negative space. In his own words "Just as one cannot have something ‘long’ without having something ‘short’ for comparison, one cannot have an ‘object’ without a ‘void’. It is the void interests me. With this kind of priority I find that I must use objects that have little or no emotional association."

Lundin is a Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of Washington, where he has taught since 1964. He was born in Los Angeles and raised in Chicago. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1961. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1963. Following his Master's, he received a Fulbright Fellowship to study the work of artist Edvard Munch at the University of Oslo in Norway.