Andy Wilbur-Peterson

(American | Skokomish, born 1955)

Native American artist Andy Wilbur-Peterson is a member of the Skokomish Tribe. He creates carvings and other artworks in the Salish tradition of the Pacific Northwest.

Wilbur-Peterson grew up in Shelton, Western Washington. As a teenager, he helped gather materials with two well-known basket makers, Louisa Pulsifer and Emily Miller. This experience, and a museum tour of Northwest Coast art, inspired him to explore the art in its various forms. In 1987, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Native American studies from The Evergreen State College in Olympia. While there, he worked with Makah artist Greg Colfax on a 12-foot female welcoming figure for the college. This prompted his interest in researching Coast Salish design and carving, as well as pieces made by his great-grandfather, Henry Allen. Andy Wilbur-Peterson has taught both carving and painting classes over the years to people of all ages, through various tribes and local schools.