Meet the 2021-22 Heritage Arts Apprenticeship pairs

The Center for Washington Cultural Traditions (CWCT) has announced the teams for the 2021-22 Washington State Heritage Arts Apprenticeship Program (HAAP). Sixteen teams of apprentices and masters will work together to preserve these cultural treasures. They include:

Master Charity Bagatsing Doyl (Spokane Valley)/Apprentice Joellen Doyl (Spokane) Tradition: The Philippine Ifugao Tribe art of storytelling. 
Master Janice Anne Whitefoot (Harrah)/Apprentice Lisa Whitefoot (Yakima) Tradition: Yakima Native American skills and crafts.  
Master Aaron Paul Whitefoot (Harrah)/Apprentice Robert Olney Jr. (White Swan) Tradition: Yakima Native American hunting and fishing traditions.
Master Kazuko Kaya Yamazaki (Tracyton)/Apprentice Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura Gainor (Seattle). Tradition: Kagura, a Japanese folk dance performed at religious ceremonies. Master Srivani Jade (Kirkland)Apprentice Vibhuti Kavishwar (Redmond). Tradition: North Indian historic folk music traditions. 
Master Sandhya Kandadai Rajagopal (Sammamish)/Apprentice Dhanshika Vijayaraj (Sammamish). Tradition: Bharatanatyam, an ancient Indian dance that combines movement and storytelling. 
Master Roger Fernandes (Seattle)/Apprentice Gabriel Port (Seattle). Tradition: Coast Salish art and storytelling. Master Silvio Dos Reis (Seattle)/Apprentice Sandra Amolo (Seattle). Tradition: Capoeira Angola, a form of martial arts created by enslaved Africans to fight oppression in Brazil.  
Master Sally Barret (Anacortes)/Apprentice Brittany Rose Schoch (Mount Vernon). Tradition: Coast Salish tradition of cedar weaving.  
Master Hai viet Hong (Bothell)/Apprentice Mina Ky (Mukilteo) and MyPhuong Thai (Mukilteo). Tradition: Tai Tu traditional folk music, a 200 year-old art form known as one of Vietnam’s national treasures.  
Master Sinae Joy Cheh (Seattle)/Apprentice Siyeon Park (Lynnwood). Tradition: the gayageum, a string instrument from the small Korean kingdom of Kaya.
Master Jacinthe Demmert (Shoreline)/Apprentice Jelyna Brown (Seattle). Tradition: Haida cedar bark weaving.  
Master Deepti Agrawal (Bothell)/Apprentice Harini Thiagarajan (Bothell). Tradition Madhubani painting.  
Master Melba Mitchell Ayco (Seattle)/Apprentice Monique Franklin (Seattle). Tradition: The role of the Griot in West African culture.  
Master Mary Lee Jones (Harrah)/Apprentice Joelle Jones (Harrah). Tradition: Yakama tradition of food gathering.  
Master Phoukham Kelly Bounkeua (Renton)/Apprentice Kitana Ludwig (Renton). Tradition: Lao foodways.

Read more about the Heritage Apprenticeship pairs.

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