Patricia Auch

Primary Artistic Discipline: Dance

Area of Specialty:  Arab Folk Dances

Based in:  Bellevue

Cell Phone: 425.652.6994

Home Phone: 425.649.2058




Patricia's career in Arab dances spans over 35 years. Her passion for Arab music and dance, her BA in Elementary Education, and her teaching and performing experience combine to bring students and teachers engaging and memorable programs. In addition to her soloist career, she was a founding member of Jawaahir Dance Company and taught beginner through advanced dance students at the Cassandra School. She has toured and studied dance in Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco. She continues to travel to study with internationally recognized teachers of various Arab dances. Patricia developed and presented Jawaahir's educational outreach programs for schools and community organizations. In addition, she is on the Community Arts Partners roster through Creative Advantage in Seattle. Her passion for, and knowledge of this art form is reflected in all of her performances and presentations. 


Artist Statement

The ethnic arts provide an exceptional opportunity through which we can learn to appreciate what is unique and beautiful about another culture, dispel stereotypes, and develop a broader understanding of the world. My workshops present the rich cultural heritage of the Arab world through its music and dance traditions. I engage students and adults with a myriad of movement, musical, cultural, and language activities. From the men's stick dance of Egypt, to the colorful women's thobe dance of the Gulf, to the line dances of the Levant, students see the colorful folk wear, hear the traditional rhythms, and experience the celebratory and joyous dances in their cultural context, thus broadening their view of Arabs beyond the media presentations. 


Suitable for Grades: Pre-K to 12

Preferred Grades: 2-12

Curriculum Integration Possibilities: Literacy, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, Social Studies, Technology

Additional Interests/Experience:

  • Working with at risk students
  • Working with students with special needs / disabilities

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