Nicole Appell

Primary Discipline: Visual Arts

Areas of Specialty: Mixed Media, Mosaic, Painting, Drawing

Based in: Seattle

Phone: 206.595.2812




Nicole Appell is a Seattle artist who specializes in working with youth in community art projects. A graduate of the University of Washington School of Art, Nicole has taught art at many Northwest venues including the Kirkland Arts Center, the Frye Art Museum, University of Washington Summer Day Youth Programs, and Seattle and Lake Washington Public Schools. In addition to her work in the classroom, Nicole also works in her own art studio, painting and creating multi-layered mixed media artworks. Combining materials such as canvas, wood, papers, paints, fibers, and metal, Nicole’s work is about exploring layers. She regularly exhibits her work at galleries and venues around the Northwest. 

Artist Statement

My goal as a teaching artist is to expand students' artistic horizons and help them find the joy in creating art. Art is not about perfection, it’s about exploration. I encourage students to experiment with materials, develop techniques, and to create from the heart. I enjoy working with youth of all ages, but especially ages 6 – 13, because they are excited by art and imaginative play. The students’ enthusiasm and lack of conceptual boundaries generates a classroom dynamic in which anything is possible, creatively. I am drawn to working in public schools and community programs targeting youth-at-risk, English Language Learners, and kids who haven’t had creative opportunities. Many of these kids are hungry for creative instruction and expression. Art gives them the opportunity to build self-esteem and imagine possibilities.


Suitable for Grades: K-12

Preferred Grades: K - 12

Curriculum Integration Possibilities: Literacy, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, Social Studies, Other Arts Disciplines

Additional Interests/Experience:

  • Working with at risk students
  • Working with students with special needs / disabilities
  • Working with students who are English Language Learners

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