Laura Dean

Primary Discipline: Music

Areas of Specialty: Music assembly programs for K-12 in a chautauqua format; Classroom Residencies; Vocal Workshops

Additional Disciplines/Specialties: Movement/Folk Dances

Based in: Seattle

Phone: 206.349.0577




Laura’s music career spans over twenty years and includes venues in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. She lives in Seattle where she performs, teaches, records, and collaborates on a variety of music projects including private and public concerts, school/community residencies, and music education workshops. Laura thrives on travel opportunities that allow her to perform, teach, collaborate, and explore local culture. Her travels include journeys to France, Mexico City, the Baja, Montana, Unalaska, and most recently, Cuba. On her cultural music journeys, she collects stories, photographs, and inspiration for her solo programs and educational residencies. Laura is especially excited about her current work related to the Westward Expansion, in which the history and diverse cultures of the American West are brought to life through folk songs and dances.

Artist Statement

I began as a private studio teacher and I continue to maintain a vibrant private studio. At the same time, my teaching has expanded to include adult vocal workshops, K-12 school residencies, college lectures, group piano lessons, classes in retirement home communities, beginning guitar workshops and preschool music. I strive to use my education, experience and talents to help students reach their full potential. I feel that I serve others through music. Music inspires, motivates, challenges, relaxes, stimulates and adds beauty to our lives. As a teacher, I advocate the idea that music is a gift available to all of us.


Suitable for Grades: K-12

Preferred Grades: K-8

Curriculum Integration Possibilities: History/Social Studies, Technology, Other Arts Disciplines

Additional Interests/Experience:

  • Leading Professional Development workshops for K-12 Teachers

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