Step 3-Format Your Images

The 2015 Roster Call for Applications is now CLOSED. These pages are provided to give information about the process. We expect to hold the next Call in the summer of 2018.

All images submitted with a Public Artist Roster application must be:

  • 1,000 pixels on the long side
  • In JPG or PNG format
  • A file size less than 1 MB
  • No less than 72 ppi/dpi
  • Named uniquely

Do no submit images in montage or composite format.


Submit only high quality JPGs or PNGs (do not use GIFs, TIFFs, or other formats). Do not submit images in montage or composite formats.


Images must be 1,000 pixels on the longest side. You will need to resize your images accordingly. To maximize the quality of your submission, it’s best to start with an original, uncompressed image that is no less than 1,000 pixels on its longest side. Final image resolution should not be less than 72 ppi/dpi.


Files must be less than 1 MB in size.


Please label each image and resume file with your full name. Do not use special characters (e.g. ‘, #, é, etc.). Each image file should end with the extension .jpg or .png. Images files must each have a unique name - our system does not recognize upper-case and lower-case letters as unique, so two images named janedoe_01 and JaneDoe_01 will be read by our system as having the same name and will not be accepted.

DO: janedoe_01.jpg; jane_doe02.jpg; etc
DON'T: Janedoe01.jpg; JaneDoe01.jpg; JaneDoe#2.jpg

If you are working as a team with other artists include the last names for all artists.

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