State Art Collection

All of the artworks acquired under the Art in Public Places program are viewed collectively as the State Art Collection. The State Art Collection is publicly owned, publicly sited, and publicly selected. It currently holds over 4,700 works making Washington home to not only one of the oldest state public art collections, but also one of the largest. Two and three-dimensional, free-standing and integrated artworks can be found at colleges, universities, K-12 public schools, and state agencies throughout Washington.

The State Art Collection is shaped in an inclusive manner to represent the diversity of contemporary artistic production. Notable local, regional, and national artists are represented in the collection holdings.

There are several ways to get more information about the State Art Collection:

  • Visit My Public Art Portal, our searchable online database, to see images of artworks and learn about the artists. More images are being added weekly.
  • Search, the state's open data portal, to find mapped locations of artworks around the state.
  • Browse images of selected artworks in our Facebook photo gallery.

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