Over 1500 artworks from the State Art Collection are now available online

More than one-third of the State Art Collection is now online and available to view through My Public Art Portal on the ArtsWA website. With IT funding from the State Legislature in 2015, an Art in Public Places team has been working to increase and improve content on the Portal. For each artwork published on the Portal, the work includes condition assessments, digital editing of photos, researching artwork information, writing interpretive descriptions, and identifying locations, including GPS coordinates. 40-percent of the Collection will be online by July 2017, and with additional operating funds, the project will be complete by July 2019.

The Washington State's Art in Public Places Program was established in 1974 to acquire artwork for K-12 public schools, colleges, universities, and state agencies, funded by ½ of one percent of the state's portion of construction costs. Today, the State Art Collection includes more than 4,500 artworks across the state.

Explore more artworks from the State Art Collection on My Public Art Portal

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