For Partner Agencies

We work closely with partner agencies and sites to choose an artist and develop an artwork that is reflective of the community's values.


The Sample Interagency Agreement  is an example of the contract between ArtsWA and our partner agencies addressing the process of acquiring works for the State Art Collection and their ongoing stewardship. The Partner Agency Contact Sheet contains information for the people we will need to contact within the partner agency and at the artwork’s site.


The Guidelines for the Artwork Selection Process in Public Schools and Guidelines for State Agencies, Colleges, and Universities  outline the committee process involved in acquiring works of art for our partner agencies. They are intended to be used as guides to the Art in Public Places facilitated process for members of local art selection committees.


ArtCare: Collections Management Policy for Washington’s State Art Collection  outlines the Art in Public Places program’s collections management policies and procedures, including those on artwork conservation, deaccession, and rights and reproductions.


The K-12 Pooled Funds Application Guidelines provide information about the requirements and responsibilities for school districts applying for fully-funded, public art projects in their eligible schools.

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