For Artists

After the local Art Selection Committee chooses an artist from the Public Artist Roster, the development of the artwork proceeds in phases. Each phase requires its own documentation.


  • The first phase of the project is the proposal phase. The commissioned artist must sign a contract with ArtsWA, called the Proposal Development Contract.
  • During the proposal phase of a new public art project, ArtsWA requires conservation review of materials, maintenance responsibilities, and life expectancy of the proposed artwork.


  • The next phase of the project involves fabrication and installation of the artwork. This requires a separate Commission Contract between the commissioned artist and ArtsWA.
  • Before a project is considered complete, the artist must also submit a Detailed Artwork Form to the ArtsWA project manager (see Resources page)..

For more information about our process, please review the following publications:

  • The Public Artist Handbook details what is expected from an artist selected to create a site-responsive work of public art.
  • The Materials and Fabrication Handbook  documents recommendations and requirements for materials, fabrication methods, and placement for artwork commissioned by ArtsWA.

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