“Holding Pattern” by Barbara Black (detail), located at Crossroads Alternative High School, Granite Falls, WA.
Click to learn more about this artwork on My Public Art Portal. Photo courtesy of the artist. Part of Washington's State Art Collection.

Managing Your ArtsWA CARES Act Relief Funds

ArtsWA is pleased to be supporting your organization during these difficult times. ArtsWA pandemic relief funding programs are in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts (Spring) and the Washington State Department of Commerce (Fall). Funds were provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Pandemic relief funding is meant to help you cover losses incurred from the beginning of calendar year (2020) through December 31, 2020. Losses covered must be directly related to the pandemic. The spring and fall programs are distinct. Final reports are required for both programs. In your final report you will be asked to articulate pandemic losses in both narrative and budget form. Please keep expenses well documented. For auditing purposes, your organization must retain all records related to this funding, including receipts, for six years.

NOTE: Hannah Dahlke is no longer on staff. Not all links have been updated. Please reach out to Miguel Guillen, Program Manager at miguel.guillen@arts.wa.gov or Audrey Molloy, Program Assistant at audrey.molloy@arts.wa.gov.

Spring – National Endowment for the Arts – May 2020

This funding has a contract. State contracts can be cumbersome to read and understand. We have put together information for you on managing your state contract (below). A final report will be due on July 31, 2021. Final reports for spring funding will be completed as an excel document that will be emailed to you. If you have not received your final report template by the end of March 2021, please reach out to us. CARES funding provided by the NEA has specific allowable expenses.

Fall – Washington State Department of Commerce – October 2020

This funding does not have a contract. A final report will be due on July 31, 2021. Final reports for the fall program will be completed online via the ZoomGrants platform. We will let you know via email when the reports are ready for you to complete. CARES funding provided by the Washington State Department of Commerce is open to any expenses that are related to losses incurred by the pandemic. Make sure losses can be documented as related to the pandemic in your final report.


Managing Your State Contract

This information is a walk-through of the sections of your state contract. Be sure to read the whole contract and be clear on the agreement you are entering into with the state. The linked document Managing Your State Contract assumes you have not mailed in your contract yet. If you have already returned your signed contract and invoice to us, disregard those portions of the instructions.


Do not sign the contract! Contact Miguel Guillen, Program Manager immediately so that we can make the correction.

Not at this time.

No. You can return your signed contract electronically, as long as the signature is wet (signed in ink – images of signatures applied to documents are not accepted). Print the entire signed contract, scan or take a photo of each page, attach to e-mail. Electronically submitted contracts do not need to be mailed.

No. The person who signs the contract must be an authorizing official for your organization (i.e. Executive Director, Managing Director, etc.).