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Managing Your ArtsWA CARES Act Relief Grant Contract

ArtsWA is pleased to be supporting your organization during these difficult times. Your contract can be cumbersome to read and understand. We know you want to be successful in managing your grant so we put together this information for you.  

This information is a walk-through of the sections. Read the whole contract and be clear on the agreement you are entering into with the state.  

Opening your Contract  When you open your contract, the first thing you will see is your official notification letter. This is for your records. Do not send this back to us as part of your contract packet. Scroll to arrive at the contract.

Agreement Section   The first section is the “Agreement section.” These are the terms of the contract. Sign if you accept the terms. Here you will also find:

  • Your contract number (top R of title page and bottom L of page and repeated on all pages)
  • Contract start date and contract end date. (D – Contract Period)

Attachment A  This is the Scope of Work and Reporting Requirements. In this section, you will find:

  • Allowable Expenses – what you can spend your grant money on * pay special attention to this!
  • Reporting Requirement and Logo Credit *pay special attention to this!

Attachment B  This is your Payment Schedule. Here you will find the specifics on how to receive payment on your grant. 

Attachment C  This is language common to all our grants. Read at your leisure but pay special attention to the RECORDS, DOCUMENTS, AND REPORTS section!

Attachment E This is your invoice. We use this to pay you. Sign it and return to us with your contract as mentioned above. We keep it here for you – no need to re-submit when you are requesting payment.

Print, Sign, Send in!  The final step to managing your contract is to sign it, and the attached invoice, and return it to us. We will send you a countersigned copy and store your invoice for when you are ready to receive payment. Do this as soon as possible and by the deadline mentioned in your award notification e-mail.

Click on the document title below to learn more about each.

ArtsWA Contract  Your contract is your primary document. It can be hard to read, and a little daunting if you are not used to contracts. We get that so we created a document that we hope helps.

Allowable Expenses  CARES Act funds are for general operating support and for specific allowable expenses. Be prepared to document your expenses in your final report.

Grantee Responsibilities and Grant Payments  The Grantee Responsibilities and Grant Payments document offers information on good grant management along with necessary steps to making sure you receive your payment.

Statewide Payee Registration/W9  The Statewide Payee Registration/W9 is what we use to create the invoice we use to pay you. It can be a little confusing. See the Frequently Asked Questions document to help you out.