Use of ArtsWA logos

Our grant recipients are required to acknowledge the support of ArtsWA in all promotional materials for the funded event by including our logo in the advertising, programs, online promotion, and other promotional print materials.*

We also require grantees to acknowledge ArtsWA in any promotional material for video, podcast, radio, television, social media, or web.* For audio promotions, acknowledgments may be a brief statement, i.e., "this has been made possible by a grant from ArtsWA...the Washington State Arts Commission;" or "(name of event) is funded in part by ArtsWA, the Washington State Arts Commission."

Grantees may only use the ArtsWA logo for projects that are funded by ArtsWA. If you have questions, please email Glenda Carino, Communications Manager; or call (360) 586-8093.

*Please note – grantees whose contract includes Federal Funds are also required to credit the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). More information can be found in grantee documents, and for any questions please e-mail Hannah Dahlke, Community Investments Program Assistant.

Download ArtsWA logos

ArtsWA logos in various file formats can be found on the Grants Resources Page

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