Kelda Martensen

Primary Discipline: Visual Arts

Areas of Specialty: Printmaking, Drawing, Collage

Based in: West Seattle

Phone: 503.516.7978




Kelda Martensen maintains a studio practice focused in the paper, book and print arts and serves as an arts educator in the greater Seattle area. She is currently art faculty at North Seattle Community College after serving as an artist mentor in the schools for Arts-Impact, a program through the Puget Sound ESD, which teaches teachers how to teach the arts. She also teaches studio art classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center. Kelda has taught grades K-12 in special, ELL and general education, and has taught in private colleges, state universities and community colleges. Kelda received her MFA in Visual Art from Washington University in St. Louis. 

Artist Statement

My presence as a teaching artist in the classroom is lively and positive. I am very open-minded when teaching art and love surprises and exceptions to the rules. I find great inspiration from students in their “aha!” moments and from the grins on their faces when they feel a sense of accomplishment: “I made that?!” My philosophy in art education revolves around collaboration, with the students and with the teachers. Through collaboration, I have learned to trust the imagination and artistic potential of others and realize my role as an artist and contributor in a global community. I have found that each art workshop and lesson I have participated in has opened more avenues to people and their stories than I could have imagined. 

Suitable for Grades: K-12

Preferred Grades: K-12

Curriculum Integration Possibilities: Literacy, Reading, Writing, History, Social Studies

Additional Interests/Experience:

  • Leading Professional Development workshops for K-12 Teachers
  • Working with at risk students
  • Working with students with special needs / disabilities
  • Working with students who are English Language Learners

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