Eduardo Mendonça

Primary Discipline: Music

Areas of Specialty: Music, Drumming, Choir

Based in: Renton

Phone: 425.254.1616




Eduardo Mendonça received his Masters in Arts Education from the Instituto de Música da Universidade Católica do Salvador (Music Institute of the Catholic University of Salvador) and has been teaching and performing professionally since 1982. Before moving to the United States Mendonça taught in the Salvadoran public schools in the capital of Bahia in Brazil. He is interested in sharing his Brazilian culture and introducing less well-known styles of music to his students in this county.

Artist Statement

I believe that the arts are an important tool in education. Exposure to art forms from different cultures fosters respect and builds a community in which difference is valued. In my classes students learn that music can be made from a wide range of objects not traditionally considered instruments. Plastic tubs, chairs and soda cans come into perfect harmony. Recording the students’ performances is a way to externalize the creation and to confirm what we have learned. I welcome the classroom teacher’s involvement and will tailor my residency to their current curriculum. 


Suitable for Grades: K-12

Preferred Grades: K-12

Curriculum Integration Possibilities: History, Social Studies, Other Arts Disciplines

Additional Interests/Experience:

  • Leading Professional Development workshops for K-12 Teachers
  • Working with at risk students
  • Working with students who are English Language Learners

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