Cordelia Bradburn

Primary Discipline: Visual Arts

Areas of Specialty: Sculpture, Drawing, Painting

Additional Disciplines/Specialties: Video instruction

Based in: Leavenworth

Phone: 509.548.5110




Cordi Bradburn has extensive experience as a professional artist. She is best known for her large sculptural pieces in aluminum and bronze, but she also works in clay. Her work resides in many public and private collections. In her youth, Cordi was known for her window painting at Eastern Washington fairs, rodeos and festivals. Through this work she developed a flair for drawing large and fast, which works well in the classroom. Cordi is an experienced teacher. She has worked for 26 years in elementary schools, in the classroom as an artist resident and in after school programs. She trained with Arts Impact and is familiar with lesson plans addressing the state EALRs. She has completed special projects, such as painted and tile murals, run assemblies on art and self esteem, organized art clubs and offered teacher workshops. Cordi's inspirational drawing classes are full of tips and strategies and her offerings can be designed to fit a school or organization’s needs.

Artist Statement

I have been a life-long artist with work ranging from commercial murals and window painting to municipal sculpture in bronze and aluminum. I paint in watercolor and black brush style (Sumi-e) and am comfortable with many drawing techniques. As an elementary or middle school art educator, my strong points are being able to model drawing and drawing techniques, sometimes done large in front of a class or multi class situations. I work on creating self-esteem and focus on negative self-talk to overcome art blocks.Techniques taught are all methods of drawing, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil and painting with a black brush technique. I especially like using animals or birds as subjects to study as well as draw. I work with elementary as young as Kindergarten and can teach up to 9th grade with confidence. I also created an art appreciation program that is taught by parents and community docents once a month in the Cascade School district.


Suitable for Grades: K-5

Preferred Grades: K-5

Additional Interests/Experience:

  • Teaching in Spanish
  • Leading Professional Development workshops for K-12 Teachers

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