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  • Elements of Education - Tacoma, WA
    Elements of Education - Tacoma, WA

As funding allows, ArtsWA supports special projects to promote arts education and research to better understand the benefits of arts education to our state's students.

Arts Education Research Initiative

In 2004, ArtsWA undertook a multi-year project, called the Arts Education Research Initiative (AERI). The purpose of the project was to gather and share quantitative and qualitative data about arts education in K-12 schools, so that educators, policy makers, arts leaders, and community members have the information they need to support positive change in our schools.

The first report summarizing the data collected was published in 2006, titled "Arts for Every Student." A second report was completed in 2009, "K-12 Arts Education: Every Student, Every School, Every Year."

The 2009 report is based on a survey of K-12 principals conducted during the 2008-2009 school year. Principals from 37 of 39 Washington counties responded. Researchers conducted site visits to selected schools to learn more about the schools’ successes and challenges. The booklet includes context from external state and national research, and markers of quality and suggestions for taking action.

ArtsWA produced several AERI publications that are useful resources to educators, artists, parents, policy makers, and anyone who cares about the quality of public education. They include the following, in PDF format:


For more information about the AERI project, or for the printed publications, please contact Arts in Education Manager Lisa Jaret.

Arts Education Month

May is Arts Education Month in Washington State – a time to celebrate arts education and to bring increased public awareness to the importance of quality arts education for every student, in every school.

The Governor’s Proclamation highlights the collective efforts of arts educators throughout Washington. The proclamation offers an avenue for schools and communities around the state to coordinate efforts in recognizing the value of arts education, celebrating local arts education achievements, and focusing attention on the necessary work ahead to ensure that all students in Washington State receive arts education.

We invite every community, school, and organization in the state to help magnify the value of learning in and through the arts by making individualized, local resolutions and passing local proclamations.

For information on how to do this, visit ArtsEd Washington where you’ll find a complete Arts Education Month toolkit:

  • Sample proclamations and resolutions, and steps for requesting local proclamations
  • Downloadable Arts Education Month logo, for use on your programs and materials
  • Talking points to include in curtain speeches or other speaking engagements
  • A sample, customizable press release
  • Opportunities to share your events and successes
  • And more!

For more information on arts education in our public schools, visit the arts section of Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction website.

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