A project by State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall (2016-2018)

A Launch party for WA129 was held at the State Capitol on April 13, 2017. Thirty-five of the 129 poets were in attendance.

WA129 is an anthology of poems gathered from the people of Washington State, collected and curated by State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall.  The anthology includes work from experienced poets and newcomers to the art, young students and lifetime learners. There are 129 poems in the published book--one for every year of statehood up to 2018, the end of Marshall's term as State Poet Laureate. Over 2,000 poems were submitted, Many that were not included in the book will be published in online anthology in an e-book format.

WA129 is a project of the Washington State Poet Laureate Program, funded by Humanities Washington and the Washington State Arts Commission. The anthology is designed and published by Sage Hill Press, Spokane. A copy of the anthology will be given to libraries across Washington State. It is available for purchase online at Amazon.com. Proceeds from the sale of the book will help fund the State Poet Laureate program.

Watch the WA129 Launch program on TVW, recorded April 13, 2017.

The WA129 Poets

Name Hometown Title
Akesha Baron Seattle Camano Island
Alice Derry Port Angeles Four Sonnets for the Elwha
Allen Braden White Swan Where Were You When the Mountain Blew 
Anastacia-Renee Tolbert Seattle Bold
Angel Gardner Seattle Ballad for the Unclaimed Ones 
Anita Boyle Bellingham As Wild Geese Gather
Anna Quinn Port Townsend Communion
Arlene Naganawa Seattle Dear Mr. Cooke
Becky Carlson Spokane Anacortes Fish Wife
Ben Read Spokane Coroner's Report
Beth Myhr Seattle (Untitled)
Betty Scott Bellingham A Catalog of Things Given Up
Bill Carty Seattle Poem in the Presentiad
Bill Yake Olympia Great Uncle Erwin
Carl Palmer University Place May 18th, 1980
Carolyn Gilman Olympia Driving Home From Spokane
Cate Gable Nahcotta Seattle:  The Crane
Catherine Alice Michaelis Shelton Ozette Beach
Catherine Bull Steilacoom, Seattle Albrecht Dürer Moves to Ilwaco, Washington
Christine Hemp Port Townsend Sounding
Christopher Howell Vashon Island A So-Called Respite
Christopher Luna Vancouver From Ghost Town, USA
Claudia Castro Luna Seattle Here is where we are
Connie Walle Tacoma Precipitate
Courtney Oldwyn Friday Harbor Run Out of Stock
D.S. Butterworth Spokane Arriving at Mutiny Bay, October 19, 2013
Daniel Edward Moore Oak Harbor A Ghost Minority
Dawn Pichón Barron Olympia Lucky
Derek Sheffield Leavenworth Blast and Surge
Duane Niatum Seattle Sleeping Woman
E. Hank Buchmann Ritzville Coming Summer
Ed Stover Yakima What Remains
Elizabeth Austen* West Seattle My Story Begins
Ellen Welcker Spokane Masters of Condescension
Emily Van Kley Olympia Memorial
Eric Lochridge Bellingham Walla Walla Sweets
George Thomas Vancouver, Cheney, Spokane Legacy
Georgia McDade Seattle The Mountain
Heather McHugh Port Angeles 52-Blue
Heidi Seaborn West Seattle What We Hold On To
Irene Hayes   Via Negativa
Isamu Jordan Spokane Our Glass Can
James Bertolino Bellingham Dear Bigfoot
Janette Lyn Rosebrook Bellingham Attenuation
Jasleena Grewal Bellevue Stares like pins
Jason Kirk Seattle Olympic Harvest:  A Haiku Sequence
Jennifer Boyden Friday Harbor Each Answer I Answer To
Jennifer Bullis Bellingham Claude Lévi-Strauss Paces the Beach at Point Whitehorn, Washington
Jenifer Browne Lawrence Poulsbo Landsape with No Net Loss
Jenny Liou Clarkston Too Late
Joanna Thomas Ellensburg Drinking Beer at the Goldendale Demolition Derby
Joanne Clarkson Olympia The Girl Who Wore Cedar
Joseph Green Longview Boy on the Beach
John Whalen Spokane Naked People I Have Known #34
John Whittier Treat Seattle Smallpox First Came to the Pacific Northwest in 1770
Judith Skillman Newcastle Your Scars
Judith Yarrow Tacoma and Seattle Oregon Mist
J.I. (Judy) Kleinberg Bellingham Slough Music
Julie Baldock Enumclaw Freewheeling
Karen Mobley Spokane Spokane
Katharine Whitcomb Ellensburg Winter Saturday
Kathleen Flenniken** Seattle Recital in B Reactor
Kathryn Smith Spokane Legends Say
Katrina Roberts Walla Walla Palouse Falls
Kevin Craft Seattle Washaway Beach
Kevin Miller                               Tacoma  “About George”               
Kristen Orlando Fircrest Another Angle
Larry Kerschner  Centralia The Bee Dancer
Laura Falsetti DuPont Lament
Laura Gamache Seattle Oyster Master Class
Laura Read Spokane Colonel George Wright Shot 800 Horses Here 
Laurie Klein Deer Park Maple Grove
LeAnne Ries Yakima Heidi
Leija Farr Seattle Drying Blood
Lenora Rain-Lee Good Kennewick Because it is Waiilatpu,
Linda Bierds Seattle The Hive at Kew Gardens, 2016
LLyn De Danaan Shelton Autumn on Oyster Bay
Lucia Perillo Olympia On the Chehalis River
Luther Allen Everson mid-summer on the west side
Lynn Schott Kettle Falls Solstice Song, Stevens County
Lynne Ellis Seattle Interurban Trail Berry Pickers
Maged Zaher Seattle (Untitled)
Maria Mills Renton and Seattle Haplotype
Mark Fuzie Yakima The  Story of My Cousin's Lazy Eye
Mark Halperin Ellensburg Eagle
Martha Silano Seattle At the Bybee Farms U-Pick, North Bend, Washington
Mary Eliza Crane Duvall Sonnet in Yakima Canyon
Maureen McQuerry                         Richland  “Starting Late in the Afternoon”
Maya Zeller Spokane and Ellensburg The Doctor Asks Her to Describe It
Merna Ann Hecht Vashon Island On Inviting Wendell Berry to Orting
Michael Daley Anacortes In Memory
Michael Dylan Welch Sammamish Rain to River
Nance Van Winckel Spokane Ahem
Nancy Pagh Anacortes and Bellingham Boom
Pat Dixon Olympia Coal Train
Paul Nelson Seattle Clues from Hell
Paul Piper Bellingham For Li Po
Penny K Johnson Ellensburg Women Glean Apples in Wapato
Philip H. Red Eagle Tacoma The Things We Carry Now
Priscilla Long Seattle Nisqually Delta
Quenton Baker Seattle Lurch
Rachel Eggers Spokane, Seattle Yard Work
Rachel Kessler Seattle At the Ballard Locks Fish Ladder
Rebecca Hoogs Seattle Pioneer Square Pile Driver
Richard Kenney Port Townsend And More Vivalding
Rob Schlegel  Walla Walla Lucid Ruse
Robert Hasselblad Tacoma Postcard, January 1922
Robert Lashley Bellingham Elders Rage at the Water Spirits After a Shootout
Ross McMeekin Lake Forest Park Where the Sun Goes Once It Sets
Ruth Marcus Sequim Dungeness Valley
Sally Green Waldron Island Shank
Sallie Tierney Burien Point Hudson Light
Sam Green*** Waldron Island Belle de Boskoop
Sarah Koenig Seattle Tank
Shankar Narayan Seattle How to Run Above the Cliffs
Shelia Nickerson Bellingham Searching for the True Name of the Douglas Fir
Shelley Kirk-Rudeen Spokane and Olympia Psalms from the Palouse
Sherman Alexie Seattle Tracks
Shin Yu Pai Seattle Marine Science Center, Port Townsend
Sierra Golden Maple Falls, Seattle Cold Nights
Sierra Nelson Seattle Influence
Susan J. Erickson Bellingham 13 Ways of Looking at a Map of Fort Warden
Susan Rich Seattle This Is Why the Relationship Might Work
Terry Bain Spokane Tell Me About the Trees
Terry Martin Yakima In Every Ripe, Ready Thing
Tess Gallagher Port Angeles Deer Path Enigma
Tom Robbins La Conner Stick Indians
Vikram Madan Bellevue Mt. Rainier


*   Washington State Poet Laureate (2014-2016)
**  Washington State Poet Laureate (2012-2014)
***Washington State Poet Laureate (2007-2009)

About Tod Marshall

Dr. Marshall was appointed Washington State Poet Laureate in February 2016 by Governor Jay Inslee, suceeding Elizabeth Austen, State Poet Laureate from 2014–2016. Other past Poets Laureate include Kathleen Flenniken (2012–2014) and Sam Green (2007–2009). 

Marshall is the author of three poetry collections: Dare Say (2002), The Tangled Line (2009), and Bugle (2014), the latter of which won the Washington State Book Award in 2015. He lives in Spokane, Washington, and teaches at Gonzaga University where he is the Robert K. and Ann J. Powers Professor Chair of the Humanities.


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