Getting Your Community Ready

  • Installation by Tory Franklin in a City of Burien park. Photo by Michael Brunk/
    Installation by Tory Franklin in a City of Burien park. Photo by Michael Brunk/

Because the Creative Districts designation is new for Washington State, we want to make sure that your community can be successful in your bid for certification.

We realize that your community may not have gone through a certification process before, so we are developing a set of tools for you to use. Based on economic and community development best practices, this ‘Readiness Toolkit’ will help you orient your thinking around how to create a successful district.  

What will be in the ‘Community Readiness Toolkit’?

The toolkit will provide resources and a framework for how to organize and create your district. These tools are simple to use. When used successfully, they can strengthen your community’s bid for Creative District Designation. The Toolkit will contain several major criteria, in distinct focus areas.

Please check back soon for updates and to download the Toolkit.

How will Arts WA Support My Community’s Success?

Before Certification
We will provide resources that will help you in your bid to create your program and become certified, such as the toolkit, and other additional resources. We will provide guidance toward certification and certify districts themselves. We are also looking into the potential to provide small grants for programs once they are up and running.

After Certification
ArtsWA will provide ongoing support and advocacy for Certified Creative Districts. We will share and promote your success stories to the public, elected officials, and other stakeholders. We will offer access to training programs, networking opportunities, grant funding resources and more.


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