• Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra with Christine Jensen, 2017. Photo (c) Jim Levitt 2017.
    Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra with Christine Jensen, 2017. Photo (c) Jim Levitt 2017.

What is a Creative District?
A Creative District is a hub of social and business activity. It includes cultural facilities and creative industries. It’s a vehicle to grow jobs in the arts and creative industries of all kinds. It can make the most of a community's strong arts and cultural heritage. And it showcases the innovation and entrepreneurship Washington is known for.

Why Legislation?
Using the “Colorado Creative Industries” program as a model, the state legislature passed a bill in 2017 to fund the Creative Districts program. ArtsWA has created this program to promote and support the creative industries in Washington to:
•   expand the economy
•   grow jobs and
•   enhance our quality of life.

How would a Creative District Designation Benefit My Community?
The designation can be used to promote your community’s unique identity, characteristics, and values. And it can bring members of your community - businesses, nonprofits, local government and citizens - together to develop their future.

Your community will be able to attract creative entrepreneurs, new industries and additional investment. A state certification can help to leverage grant funding and other opportunities to support the development of the arts, creative and maker spaces, and housing opportunities.

What is ArtsWA’s Role? 
ArtsWA has created this program to support communities that want to grow their creative economy, and raise their community’s standard of livability.

The Commission will provide technical assistance before and after certification. We will advocate for and promote Certified Districts. We will provide information and resources for the Districts, including:
•   training
•   networking
•   grant funding resources.

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