Certified Creative Districts

  • Artist Jean Whitesavage works on a project at Cascade Middle School, Sedro-Wooley.
    Artist Jean Whitesavage works on a project at Cascade Middle School, Sedro-Wooley.

The Certified Creative Districts program works to help communities throughout the state thrive. It is a new legislative initiative designed to support the state's creative economy. 

A state-certified Creative District can provide a strong base for communities to grow their arts and creative economy. They can grow jobs and increase economic, educational, and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors. By seeking out district designation, they are actively declaring their region as one that embraces its creative economy.

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What is a Creative District?

A Creative District is an exciting place to live, work in and visit. It's a geographically defined area of cultural, social, business and economic activity. It's the heart of a community - a focal point for people to gather and enjoy the arts and culture a community has to offer.

  • It includes cultural facilities, arts-related organizations, creative economy companies and other businesses that support these activities.
  • It’s a vehicle to grow jobs in the arts and creative industries of all kinds.
  • It's a place where innovation and creativity can thrive, helping a community to create an excitng future.

Benefits to Your Community

Many communities currently have ‘creative economy’ activities – museums, theatres, innovative businesses – they would like to capitalize on to generate additional business, tourism and development.

The benefits of Certification include:

  • Promoting a community’s identity, qualities and values
  • Increasing tourism and bringing new visitors to a community
  • Job creation and long-term career opportunities
  • The ability to pursue creative industry-related grants
  • A strong position to recruit creative entrepreneurs, new industries and additional investment
  • Setting the stage to improve and/or redevelop historic or community assets
  • Opportunities around affordable housing, live/work and maker space
  • Strengthening the fabric and livability of a community by bringing businesses, nonprofits, local government and citizens together to develop their future

For more info about the Certified Creative Districts Program, contact:

Annette Roth, Creative Districts Program Manager

360-586-8098 | annette.roth@arts.wa.gov

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