Arts Participation Leadership Initiative

In 2008, the Wallace Foundation selected ArtsWA to serve as its local partner for a 4-year national program of learning activities (ending in April 2013). We received $1.3 million to provide a series of free forums, workshops, and webinars. The events focused on increasing participating in the arts, especially among teens, young adults, and diverse populations, and on expanding access to the arts through new technologies. The project, called the Arts Participation Leadership Initiative, also included support for 17 short-term innovations and five Communities of Practice, as well as support for nine Seattle organizations who received Wallace Excellence Awards (4-year grants from the Wallace Foundation). The findings of this undertaking were shared at public forums in December 2012 and March 2013.

VISIT OUR APLI WEB PORTAL to access the project's findings, resources, reports, and activity summaries.

The following videos offer a quick overview of the Initiative.

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