Student rehearsal at Macha Theatre Works
Macha Theatre Works Education Program provides two-month play writing and performance residencies in 3rd-5th grade Seattle classrooms. Photo courtesy of Match Theatre Works.

Arts Education Research Initiative

In 2004, ArtsWA started the Arts Education Research Initiative (AERI). We gathered and shared data about arts education in K-12 schools over several years. Our research and findings aid educators, artists, parents, and policy makers to support positive change in our schools.

AERI Resources

K-12 Arts Education: Every Student, Every School, Every Year | 2009 report based on a survey of K-12 principals in the 2008-2009 school year.

Principals from 37 of 39 Washington counties responded. Researchers visited select schools to learn more about successes and challenges. The report includes other state and national research. It also includes quality-markers and suggestions for taking action.

Arts for Every Student | 2006 report detailing our first two years of AERI data.

Action Agendas & Markers of Quality

AERI One-page Overview

AERI Presentation Slides

AERI Research Report 

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Are you interested in more information about the AERI project? Please contact Arts in Education Manager Tamar Krames.