Mission and Vision

The Arts Commission is a catalyst for the arts, advancing the role of the arts in the lives of individuals and communities throughout the state.

The arts thrive and are celebrated throughout Washington State, and are woven into the fabric of vital and vibrant communities.




The Public Value of the Arts

  • The arts impact our lives and develop strong schools, communities, and economies.
  • The arts are an essential component of basic education for all students.
  • The state’s artistic resources are vital to Washington’s identity and worthy of preservation.
  • Public art is an essential, integral part of the state’s built-environment.
  • Artistic excellence is central to meaningful arts experiences.

The Arts as a Catalyst for Inclusiveness, Social Equity, and Racial Justice

  • All Washingtonians should have access to and engagement with the arts.
  • The arts create social bonds and amplify voices across all populations.
  • We seek diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in our committees, staff, and board.
  • We support diverse forms of artistic expression.

Leadership in and for the Arts

  • We support arts organizations, artists, and arts participants statewide.
  • We are accountable to the public and our stakeholders.
  • We invest in effective strategies that align with statewide goals and priorities.
  • We develop partnerships and collaborations to leverage expertise and resources.
  • We operate with flexibility, innovation, integrity, and creativity.

Catalyst for the arts in Washington State

Our commissioners and staff work together to support communities in bringing art into the lives of all those who live in Washington state. As a catalyst for the arts, we:

  • Distribute state and federal dollars through grants to expand opportunities for people statewide to participate in the arts;
  • Support projects that connect the arts to economic development, neighborhood revitalization, lifelong learning, and local issues;
  • Partner with local, state, and national leaders to develop and promote policies that advance the arts;
  • Track the impact of the arts and arts education on Washington communities;
  • Document and communicate the results of public investment in the arts;
  • Protect the state's investment in the State Art Collection through stewardship that minimizes maintenance needs and offers resources for taking good care of artworks;
  • Advance projects and collaborations that bring high-quality, standards-based arts education into the lives of public school students throughout the state.



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