FY 2017 ArtsWA grantees announced

One of the primary goals of the Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA) is to expand arts participation in communities across Washington State. To accomplish this, ArtsWA directs funding and services to strengthen communities and to provide arts opportunities for the public, with a particular interest in reaching diverse populations and geographic representation.

ArtsWA also has a long-standing commitment to arts learning as a necessary element of a basic education. The primary goal of our Arts in Education grants is to strengthen arts education in K-12 public schools statewide.

FY 2017 grant investments

ArtsWA's investment in Project Support grants totals $409,274 for FY 2017. Project Support grants provide funding for arts organizations, community service groups, and local or tribal governments that provide arts events targeted to public audiences in Washington State. This funding supports a diverse array of performances, exhibitions, workshops, and services to expand arts engagement and arts participation.

  • $71,721 is invested in 41 Small Arts Institutions - Project Level A
  • $138,683 is invested in 43 Midsized Arts Organizations - Project Level B
  • $136,620 is invested in 25 Large Arts Institutions - Project Level C
  • $62,250 is invested in three Statewide Cooperative Partnerships - Project Level CP

ArtsWA will also invest $319,960 in FY 2017 for Arts in Education grants: 

  • $285,960 is invested in 19 Community Consortium grant programs
  • $34,000 is invested in 10 First Step grant programs

FY 2017 list of grantees

FY17 Project Support Level A Grantees
FY17 Project Support Level B Grantees
FY17 Project Support Level C Grantees
FY17 Project Support Cooperative Partnership Grantees
FY17 Arts in Education Grantees

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