GAHA Nominations

Nominations for 2019 are now closed.

To be eligible individuals or organizations must:

  • Have significantly contributed to the arts and cultural landscape of Washington State
  • Be current Washington residents or have resided or been based in the state during the time the contributions were made
  • Not be a previous recipient of a Governor’s Arts Award or Heritage Award (except for the Young Arts Leader Award)

Note: ArtsWA reserves the right to not issue an award in every category.

Governor’s Arts Awards
  • Individual
  • Organization
  • Arts Education
  • Young Arts Leader
  • Arts Legacy
  • Arts Advocacy
  • Philanthropy Award
  • Community Award
Governor’s Heritage Awards
  • Individual
  • Organization
Policies and Support Materials
Nomination Policies
  • Re-nomination | Nominations from the 2018 Governor’s Arts & Heritage Awards cycle that did not receive an award can be re-submitted for consideration during the current cycle. To resubmit your nomination, contact for instructions. Nominations before 2018 must complete a new nomination form.
  • By submitting a nomination form, you signify your intent to act as nominator for an individual or an organization for the 2019 Governor’s Arts & Heritage Awards.
  • You may only nominate one individual or organization.
  • Self-nominations nominations are accepted.
  • Posthumous nominations are accepted.
  • You can nominate Individuals or organizations either for the Governor’s Arts Awards or for the Governor’s Heritage Awards – but not both.
  • To submit multiple forms, complete a form and submit it, then return to our site to begin your next nomination. Reloading the page may be required.
  • If you know of others nominating the same organization or individual, we encourage you to work together and submit a single nomination.
  • You must submit applications electronically through ZoomGrants.
Support Materials

Information you will need for your nominee includes:

  • Mailing address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address
  • website address
  • Birthdate/age of nominee(s) if you are nominating for the Young Leader Award.

The following support materials must be in digital formats and ready for upload to your nomination form.

  • For all nominees:
    • Nomination Letter. Your nomination letter serves as the introductory document. Outline you nominee’s accomplishments clearly and succinctly. We recommend that you keep your nomination letter to one (1) page in length, single-spaced, 12pt font. Please Include:
      • The impact of the nominee’s work on a specific and/or broader community.
      • Why the efforts, achievements, and accomplishments of your nominee are noteworthy.
      • How their efforts have been recognized.
      • If you are nominating for a Heritage Awards, include information on how your nominee’s actions have preserved or promoted ethnic and/or cultural heritage.
    • Work Samples (Required). Work samples are examples of your nominee’s work. Work samples can play a key role in helping review panelists understand your nominee’s accomplishments. A minimum of one work sample is required. Work samples can include:
      • Images of artwork
      • Videos
      • Audio samples
      • Articles
      • Literary art samples
      • Excerpts from books, etc.
    • Support Letters (recommended – maximum of three (3) one-page, one-sided letters). Support letters serve as endorsements from community members and others. Their input will serve to bolster your nomination. Support letters are serve as valuable testament of your nominee’s achievements.
  • If nominating an individual:
    • Biography:(Required – limit up to eight (8) pages)
    • Resume: (Optional but recommended – limit up to eight (8) pages)
  • If nominating an organization:
    • Organization History:(Recommended – limit four (4) pages). Provide an overview/timeline of the history of the organization. Include achievement benchmarks.

Download complete nomination guidelines

Nomination Form

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